About Social Media And Its Impacts


Lots of people nowadays use social media and Production House in Indonesia for various purposes. Especially young people who usually take their time to check their social media homepage. With social media, we can be more updated about news or developments in the surrounding environment. There are actually many other benefits of social media, but there are also impacts that need attention.

Some of the Purpose of Using Social Media

Using social media can help various needs in the modern era or today’s digital era. Almost all info and news can be found via social media. In the digital era, social media is inseparable from people’s daily lives. In fact, social media often leads to addiction. However, we must know the various purposes of these social media services. Those who have an online shop and production house in Indonesia, they are certainly more busy monitoring the development of their shop via social media. Social media has several purposes, some of which are as below.

  1. Existence of self

There are several types of social media that are often used as a means of self-existence. While the shapes and types can vary. The use of social media can be about the existence of makeup, beauty, skills, travel, fashion, culinary and other fields.

  1. Study

With social media, we can also use it as a learning medium so that we can gain more knowledge. The scope of social media is quite broad, it covers not only entertainment but also various kinds of information.

  1. Information

With existence of social media, it can make interesting information that can go viral quickly. Even the reach of this social media is also quite wide so we can know about Production House in Indonesia.

  1. Communication

There is another main purpose of social media, communicating. But social media platforms used can also vary. But basically, purpose of communication is closely related to features on social media.

  1. Networking

The use of social media is often in sphere of friendship and networking. This is due to the very wide reach of social media.

  1. Community

With social media, it can also be used as a means of building community. A Facebook Page, for example, can be used to build a community with same goals, hobbies, or interests.

  1. Promotion and Advertising

The use of social media can be to display advertisements or offer certain products. As a promotional media, social media can be used in implementing marketing strategies so that they can introduce new products as well. Including being able to provide info about promos, discounts, and so on.

Impact of Use of Social Media

Using social media can make us spend a very long time and sometimes make us lose track of time. Work can even be hampered if you play social media too often. This is because social media is really so interesting that it can make a lot of people lose track of time. Use of social media depends on how big the need is.

The needs of having an online shop are different from those of influencers. This need for social media is certainly very different for individuals who do not have online stores or influencers.

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