Learning Ideas to Motivate You and Your Students on Learning Music

Learning music can be fun, but teaching music sometimes becomes very challenging. It will be even more challenging when your students are still young and struggling to understand the material you are trying to deliver.

Tubidy website provides you with a variety of music that might help you to get your student’s attention to get back their focus on the study. It is exciting yet challenging to get students’ attention because it is not easy to make the students interested in what you are going to say.

Teaching Music to Young Students

The goal of your teaching is to ensure that your students can appreciate and understand how music works. Furthermore, it is also your responsibility to lead them to be future musicians if they are interested, being critical, and love the music that comes from different periods and cultures.

Each level of learning has different materials and challenges so as a music teacher, you need to ensure that you apply the right teaching method. You may deal with students who are still new at school, the one that is hard to get into the music lesson or the one who has no music knowledge,

No matter how your students are, you must be ready for them.

Some Ways to Motivate You and Your Students on Learning Music

  1. Show your positiveness

The most important thing being a teacher is about spreading positiveness to the students. It is not easy to keep up your positiveness throughout the day to your students, but you must be able to do that.

The mood you bring into the class will affect the way your students react. Make sure that you have your positiveness before entering the class. Try to engage their attention and excitement to be connected with them.

  1. Practice it!

The best way to learn music is by doing it, not by writing and reading. You need to engage their energy and create an active learning session. It will be great if your school provides students with music instrumentals so that they can practice them right away.

But if the school has not had enough musical instruments for all of your students, you still have some ways to make the students practice the music. You can visit the Tubidy website and find some exciting songs and sing along together with them. Another way, you can apply physical movement while getting along with the song such as clapping, stamping the feet, moving the hips, and so on.

  1. Prepare some exciting activities

Doing one task throughout one lesson time will be very boring for students. As a music teacher, you need to prepare a variety of activities to keep engaging their excitement.

In one lesson time, you can prepare some activities that can be done in a few minutes. For instance, in the first 5 minutes, you allow the students to listen to the specific music you have prepared from Tubidy. The next activity can be reading, writing some lyrics, composing, or playing instruments, anything that is related to their goals.

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Natural Wood Furniture Ideas for Rustic House

Decorating a house is always becoming one important thing to do when you want to buy a new house. You need to prepare everything from the furniture, the decoration, the placement of each furniture and so on. Furniture becomes an important aspect when you want to build a house. A house without furniture is like an empty house that is boring to live in. There are many types of furniture out there which can make your house looks fun! You can even decorate your house with such particular furniture for certain look. You want to make your house has a sense of modern era? Just put modern furniture in it. But, if you want to make your house look stylish, classic and elegant, you might need some natural wood furniture ideas.

When it comes to woods in furniture, there are plenty things made of this element. Chairs, tables, patio furnitures, and even beds. A countryside looks always be dreamed of by everyone because of its elegant and classic style. Well, if you need such rustic furnitures, you might want to check out some Indonesia furniture because Indonesia itself is the best place to make such furnitures.

How to Make Rustic Tones in your House

Just as described above, the plan is very simple. You just have to figure out the suitable furnitures for your own house. For a recommendation, natural wood furniture ideas might be the best that suit the rustic tone. So, next plan is to choose the best furniture made with natural wood.

  1. Choose the best natural wood furniture to make your house looks great and seems comfortable enough to live in.
  2. Natural wood will give you the warm feeling just by looking at it, so emphasize this tone by adding water heater, or room heater.
  3. Since the rustic tones is always related to wood, it is better for you to choose everything in your house in brown and classic color. This will emphasize the tones better.
  4. There are plenty furnitures that can be placed in the house, but there are also plenty furnitures to place outside the house. You can add patio furniture, made with natural wood indeed, to add the cozy sense when people look at your house.
  5. Make sure you prepare the best furniture such from the Indonesia furniture. Best quality furniture will always be better in terms of look and also usages.
  6. Paint your house with the suitable color based on the all the furnitures you have prepared. This is important because the color of the wall play the big part in the term to make rustic tones for your house.

Well, those are some points and tips in how to decorate the house with natural wood furnitures to create rustic tones. There are actually still many things to discuss when you want your house to look and feel better. However, those tips above is considerably enough to decorate your house, especially if you add the Indonesia furniture in it.

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Let’s Know About Remarkable Modern House Designs

Home becoming the place where the people do daily activities, and also get together with the loved ones. Then it’s natural if everyone wants to have a comfortable residence to live. Besides that, the house is also becoming the thing to be proud of, especially if someone live an amazing house with the unique and luxurious design. That way, everyone has much various unique concept while building their amazing house. House with a unique design also has features that surely sophisticated and pleasing to the eyes.

So, to create the cool house, there are many design that available from contemporary until futuristic or rustic designs that can you try to applied to your house. For you that maybe still confused about the selection of the house design to apply, calm down and let’s knowing the information about the remarkable modern house design below. Let’s find out!

Remarkable Modern House Designs

  1. Cool cloud-shaped house

This impressive house is spesifically made its design to look like a cloud emoticon. It shows the creativity of how the owner come up with the idea. This house is made with three important elements, namely glass, concrete and wood. The house consist of two floors and the interior of the house is full by the color of nature wood, brown and its kinds. Other than that, the color of the kitchen room decorated with red color and it is placed right in the middle of the home. In order to give the feeling of fresh, and to give the sense of living, there is a swimming pool with the L-shaped style. Meanwhile, the garden area also give the fresh tones around it.

  1. Rustic themed house

One more design that timeless for now is a rustic design. This cool industrialist house that has modern, masculine and minimalist impression can also be your next choice for the remarkable modern house design now. By using wood accents that not finish yet and combined with neutral colored concrete walls, it can creates a minimalist, modern rustic impression to the people. For the interior itself, the contents of the house consist of steel or iron elements which is applied in the furniture with the choice of colors such as black, gray or other neutral colors. And also, there is smooth exposed cement layers without having to be given finishing layer. In addition, open space without boundaries can be important element of this cool house.

  1. Horizontal cool house

This is one of the dream home ever! The use of different types of materials combined in one building, namely concrete, glass and steel, will surely give this horizontal house the sense of a homey but modern impression. You also are able to see how amazing designers take advantage of the plant landscape so it can provide more value and good sense.

  1. Tropical impression of cool house

This impressive house has an accent in the form of tropical exterior. But it can be applied in an urban environment, that making the atmosphere of this modern tropical house as memorable as a beach side inn. This amazing house also provide two frames which uses bamboo that considered as the friendly material of the environment as well as raw concrete that has the accents of industry. Wood accents are  also provided with the appearance of the deck around the swimming pool and also palm trees planted to make the house shaded perfectly.

  1. Cool house with temporary theme

This modern living comes with the temporary theme that most loved today for home design. By using large windows with the large opening in various angles, it provides a strong impression of modern house. The designer also used the color combination in the form of gray, white and black that known well as a modern sense of style.

The Benefits From The Remarkable House Design

  1. Low-Cost Budget

Modern house mostly are minimalist and futuristic that not take up a lot of land. By using the remarkable house design, it can get the modern house with the low cost for the construction. The result also giving the comfortable and not feel cramped.

  1. Easy Maintenance

A new house design now provide the easy maintenance, especially for the minimalist home that doesn’t need a much time to build and also maintenance the building. The routine cleaning also easy to do because it’s kind of small activity that can be done every day.

Those are some information about the remarkable house design that maybe can inspired you to build the house with the remarkable house design above. Thank you.

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Designs For Small Living Rooms

Today’s home, living room and family room are the same function. In contrast to prioritizing these two spaces in different rooms, the popular sense of minimalist homes usually made by combining family room and the living room in single space. So, based on this reason the minimalist-style design of the house in the living room should provide enough spaces both for welcoming the guest, also for family gathering. Also, it can be a place for watching television, and also a cozy place for relaxing with the family. Minimalist design is very suitable for use in living room that has limited area. Besides can make a good appearance. Living room can make the guest become welcoming with the aesthetic sense that makes the space look luxurious and elegant.

Inspiration For Living Rooms

To make the living room look luxurious and also elegant, here will be explained several inspirations of minimalist design and decoration for your living room. Let’s check these out!

  1. Maximize light with large windows

One of the most important elements that should be present in your living room is large windows. The large windows can give the good quality of the light and also air. Not only that, sunlight will bring the warm atmosphere into the room. Natural light also can be natural lighting for the room and the beautiful view from the outside will give the comfort and freshness that make enjoyed and relaxed in the house.

  1. Apply the white color

The function to use bright colors in order to give clear and fine impression your room. Naturally, white color can reflect the light and this will make your room becomes more alive. Especially for the minimalist room, by choosing natural colors like light gray, white, light brown or beige, it will reflect the light. By using natural color on the walls, furniture, curtain and other, it will give the impression for the minimalist living room to make brighter and bigger. Mirror can also be placed to provide more sense of spacious feeling to your room.

  1. Providing neat storage

By providing a storage area for a minimalist design, it will make the room look neat and tidy. Providing furniture such as table, cupboard or sofa too much can make the room look cramped. So, in order to make it clean and tidy on the eyes, you can maximize the wall shelf as place for everything such as picture frames, television, small plants, books and other decorations. Arrange the shelf neatly and try to not make it full so it will match with room.

  1. Use the wood element

If you’d like your house made with such natural materials, you can use the wood elements in every material applied in the house, such as for the interior of living room, from walls, floors and furniture, that can give the natural impression and soft sense. The wood material also known to provide the clear and fine effect while hot weather attacks, and also add the effect of warm during cold weather. You can adjust the selection of the wood color and choose as you like to give the living room natural, warm and welcoming atmosphere for everybody who come and visit. Wood material also make the house look luxurious and classy too.

  1. Add the fresh green shade

A way that make the living room able to provide comfortable and fresh atmosphere is by adding fresh greenery into the room. Green shade in the room can provide the beautiful view and fresh air that can make the room feel fresher and also cooler than before. When looking the plants for a while can help the eyes from tired after looking gadget for so long.

Benefit From Designing The Small Living Rooms

After know about the inspiration to design the living room, there will be the benefit after that. There are:

  1. By designing living room, it will make the living room neat and tidy to stay. Function living room for welcoming the colleagues who come to visit will be perfect if supported with the neat and tidy place. The colleagues will feel the good atmosphere of the house.
  2. Raising the mood and also creativity. The living room that neat and tidy will raise the mood of the person who stay, especially when it comes with beautiful design.
  3. Providing the fresh air and fresh atmosphere. By natural design for the living room, it can give the fresh sensation.
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Designs For Small Bedroom

Narrow room is kind of a little tricky to decorate well. However, don’t make the room size as barrier from the beauty of its appearance. Because by using the several items, that will be make the bedroom easily becomes beauty and comfortable to stay.

Items To Decorate The Bedroom

Here, there are several items that can be used to decorate the bedroom well.

  1. Change the clocks. You can replace the wall clock that currently used with the decorative wall clocks. Besides to make the appearance look attractive, decorative wall clocks can give a function as a time direction for everybody. By using small decorative wall clock, it’s enough to decorate the room from other decorations.
  2. Decorate room with the photo frames. If you have selection interesting photo, you can use it as decoration for your room. You can use the wall photo frame to save the space more and it will not make the rooms looks cramped. Pay attention also to the number of the photos that displayed on the wall, so it will not looks crowded.
  3. Select the sheet by neutral design and matching colors. To make the room doesn’t feel filled with tons of decorations. You can overcome it by presenting sheets that have neutral design. You can use sheets with the minimalist colors and match with room’s decor.
  4. Use the decorative lamp. You can start to replace a usual lamp by the new design that more attractive. Not only the main lights, but also the table lamps and night lights can have the same function by the new design.
  5. If you don’t want to put many decorations in your rooms. You can use a wallpaper to make the wall beautiful and good-looking. You can choose the attractive design that suits with the bedroom theme and it will give the good impression for who viewed the bedroom.

Benefits From Design Bedroom

  1. New room will give you new spirit. In fact, everyone actually will excited if they have a clean and neat room. Not only that, it also accidentally make the brain more creative and active to make some ideas. So, this is the importance why rearranging the room is great activity because can stimulate the brain to work active and making the good mood for the body.
  2. Avoid the dust and dirty air. By rearranging bedroom interior like beds, wardrobe or other items to the empty side of the room, it will help you to find a certain items or objects that maybe lose before. Also give the different view of the bedrooms for who viewed.
  3. Room will look wider. By paying attention to the bed, table and size of wardrobe, it will help you to make the room look bigger and wider than before. It also give the new circumstance for you.
  4. Find the passion. By rearranging the bedroom, it can help to find the passion or style for the life. It can be indicate by the style calm, energetic or simple.
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How To Dress A Bed Well and Quick

Making bed at the morning sometimes was ignored by the people. There must be reasons, including not having time or even being lazy. If you one person who rarely makes the bed, you should know about how to make a bad fast and also tidy. Believe it or not, making bed it takes only 5 minutes to make the bed neat, tidy and also comfortable to wear during the night. And if you know already that trick, then it will not take a long time to make a bed nice and tidy.

How To Make A Bed Quickly

  1. Pull the sheets. First step that you have to do to make the bed quickly is remove the pillows, bolster and blankets from the mattress surface. It will make easier when start to make the bed. Sometimes, messy can be identified by the reflected through the sheet or commonly called by the bed sheet. Therefore, first way to make the bed is to pull each side of the sheet. Actually, there is a best way that you don’t have to do that as a first step. You can attach the sheets and mattress by using a pin on the back of the mattress. All you have to do is only pull the sheets off when they come off.
  2. Clean the mattress using the palm fiber. After the sheets have been pulled neatly, you can clean the mattress from dust by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner known to clean the dust, but it will take a bit longer. You can use it when you are free time. When hurry, cleaning can be done by using only a palm broom. The method of cleaning the bed seems simple, but can be effective to remove the dust and also dirt on the mattress surface. In additional, this way will take almost 30 seconds.
  3. Arrange the pillows and bolsters. When the mattress already clean and neat, then you can only arrange the bolsters or pillows neatly. Don’t leave that lying on the middle of the bed that can make it look messy. Make sure that pillows and bolsters are stored at the top of the mattress. If there are two pillows, put them side by side and the bolsters in the middle.
  4. Folding the blanket. If everything done before, so the last way to make the bed neat and tidy is by folding the blanket nicely. The fastest way to fold the blanket is spread the blanket on the mattress, then put the bottom edge of the blanket under the mattress. Leave about 30-40 cm from the corner of the bunk. By folding blanket, not only make the bed tidier but also make the blanket easy to wear during the night.

Benefit Making Bed

By making bed every day, it will becoming a good habit, especially for the young generations now. Starting good habit by making the bed nicely. If you are used to doing it, then it will impacted to become accustomed for tidying up something else. Making bad not only present the bed neat, but also presenting the healthy place to rest, because that can able to clean the bed from the dust and also dirt that maybe stick on the mattress. Another benefit that can take by making bed is maintained the pillows and bed sheets more durable, it will not easy to shrink or change the shape quickly. Last, making bed can make the sleep more comfortable during the night. After a daylong activity, by relaxing on the neat bad, it will reduce the stress and make the body feel comfortable during the sleep all night long.

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Options For Small Dining Room Ideas

Have you ever realize that the dining room can be potential place to raise the mood for the day? Yeah, whether the dining room only consist of the table and also chairs that crammed in the tiny room or located in a small space at the corner of the house, but from the dining room it can be raised the mood for the day. So now, there are the things to raise the mood, specially by having a meal time in an inspiring small dining room design.

How To Make A Small Dining Room To Look Nice?

Firstyou can start to do cluttering or doing to create a more space for your dining room area. It will make a room looks wider. Then, make sure that the dining room areas all tidy and organized well. It can be done by removing things like plants, toys or other unnecessary items that available there. For a seconds, dining room space will look wider and pleasant to be in.

Small Dining Room Design

The small dining rooms concept can be designed by squeezed the dining spaces within open kitchen and also dining rooms. Here are the inspired that you should to know.

  1. Try to make the open-plan dining. As you know, open plan dining is popular choice for the dining now. It makes the sensation when having the meals. By other contemporary schemes, it will be more relaxed to having meals and living while watching the view and get the favor of an open plan scheme.
  2. Try to consider the banquette seating. Even small dining spaces, it has to accommodate having meals together. So, you can consider the banquette setting by fitting and design the dining room style looks wider to be able as banquette seating. It will create a cozy dining spot together with the family or loved ones.
  3. Try to design the dining room by the window. One of the popular and also favorite spot for the dining is by the window table. So, window seating can be designed for the small dining room ideas. The dining room can set up by the windows while provide the extended tables for other person. It also good for the light and circulation.
  4. Set the dining room as a café culture. If you have small dining rooms and want to make it larger, you can re-set up the dining rooms as a café or bistro that now popular in society. Cause it will be a perfect place to have a sit with the coffee during morning or tea during afternoon as you have a chill or relaxed time. The dining room can be added with little Parisian chic to make it private or intimate.
  5. Transform into kitchen island. It will be start by adding bar-height chairs that helps to make the environment comfortable to socialize, especially during cooking.
  6. Putting a wall-flower. To make the dining room looks wider can be put the wall-flower to create an attractive display and make the table has a nice position.
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How To Choose The Best Material For Kitchen Countertop

As you know today, many designers found way beyond granite that sometimes they used  it for kitchen countertops or island countertops. Kitchen countertops has a demanding role as a place for preparation food that expected to be durable for anything, example like durable from stain, durable from scratch and durable from the heat. Kitchen countertops also expected beautiful with a decoration and also low-cost budget. With a lot of an options that available today, no wonder that choosing the kitchen countertops is kind of big decision to do.

So, this article will explain you more about the information that gained out there that hopefully will help you to choose the best material for your kitchen countertop. It can be start to knowing about the option of the material that will be explained below. Let’s check these out!

The Material For Kitchen Countertop Surface

  1. Laminate. Nonporous acrylic comes with the endless looks, which means will be perfect for with the person that love the wild patterns and colors. By using laminate, it will shape for itself that can able to match with the design. Comes with the new technology made it tough and also strong. Most of the people agree that laminate still one of the best option for the kitchen countertop surface.
  2. Tiles. One of the best option for backsplash is the tiles, tiles also can be nice for countertops. If you want to have the countertops has a good looks and affordable, so the tiles can be answer of it. But, for the tiles has a weakness that tiles needs a re-grouting to make the tiles stay clean. By using tiles, it will be better for the plates and pans when you doing cook in the kitchen.
  3. Corian. One of the option for other kitchen countertop is corian. By using corian, countertops surface will covered with artificial stone that mix from the materials like acrylic or stone. But, unlike the natural stone in general, using corian it’s so durable and resistant with the most of the cleaning supplies for house. Corian also one of the affordable option for countertops.

How To Choose The Material

After know about the selection of material above, here are the things that to know before choose the materials:

  1. Durability and also easy maintenance, you have to know to use the space of the countertops with the materials above.
  2. Design and color, before choosing the material, better to think about the design and color that you like to be applied as a kitchen countertops.
  3. Cost. This is important also; the cost is not only for now but also cost of the future maintenance that maybe will be happening.
  4. Shape and size that covers of length, style of the slab and also thickness of the materials.

So, those are some good information about how the choose the best materials for the kitchen countertops and also choice of the materials that can be use for the kitchen countertops. Thank you.

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