What Do You Need for A Food Truck?

The food truck business concept itself is one solution to the problem of renting space and land. For example, by using truck dispatch services to be modified into a food truck. In addition, the culinary business in the building needs to think about the rising rent and operational costs. Basically, the concept applied is the same as for restaurants in general. It’s just that the location and facilities are different.

Food trucks are more flexible, there is no need to rent or buy a place like shophouses in general. But still, you need a variety of equipment which can be more expensive. Because it is made portable, durable, and saves space when stored.

Food truck equipment

Before starting a food truck business, you should first consider what is needed when running this business. Other than trucks that you can get from truck dispatch services, you also need equipment for needs ranging from production to serving. More or less the equipment and supplies you need are as follows.

  1. Refrigerator

This storage is important because it is outside the room, tends to be hotter, and food raw materials can be damaged quickly. In addition to coolers, you also need a freezer if you sell processed frozen food.

  1. Equipment for cooking

Most importantly complete cooking utensils. Stoves, pans, fryers, spatulas, deep fryers, grills, non-stick fry pans, and so on. Adjust to the type of food whether western or eastern style.

  1. Serving to package

Most food truck customers buy for takeaway, only a few eat on the spot. Use cardboard packaging, both plates, and glasses.

  1. Menu board

Even if you sell fixed menus, you will need to provide a complete board with prices. This is important information so that consumers can choose for themselves. Especially if your sales are innovative and change every day.

  1. Cashier equipment

Cashier equipment is very important to make it easier for you to calculate consumer payments. At least provide a calculator, notepad, and pen. You can also use the application to make it easier to complete calculations with a receipt machine.

Then how to start a food truck business?

  • Choose the type of food and drink that will be sold

To start a food truck business, the first thing to do is to determine the menu first. Whatever the type, the product is the main thing that needs to be considered carefully when starting a business. Usually, the menus sold in food trucks are types of ready-to-eat food or drinks that are easy to process. That’s because the place for this business model is limited.

  • Truck modification

To make it more interesting, you can make modifications to the truck, especially on the exterior. Make it as interesting as possible by looking for inspiration on the internet and seeing variations of unique food truck designs. Choose the appropriate type of truck as in truck dispatch services and adjust to the type of food or drink being sold.

  • Choose a strategic ‘hanging’ place

Doing business with the food truck concept, you can pick up the consumer. If there is an event or crowd, you can start selling. The advantage of this food truck is that you can move around following where the crowd is. However, the concept of moving places must be carefully regulated. Choose a strategic place for the location to sell, for example at events or at hangouts that are hit.

So that can be slightly suggested to start a food truck business and at least the equipment you will need for production and serving. Use truck dispatch services to select the truck you want.

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