The Importance of Peripherals in Computer Devices

Computer Peripherals can be said to be additional hardware for computers in addition to computer’s core devices. The core device with Logitech Driver Download is the main computer device consisting of CPU, motherboard, case, and power supply. Peripheral devices cannot work by themselves, they need a computer to be used. The keyboard and printer cannot be used without connecting to a computer.

Some Peripheral Functions on Computer

Peripherals can be divided based on 2 kinds of functions. There are support peripherals and there are also major peripherals, below is an explanation of these functions.

  1. Supporting Peripherals

It is not mandatory to have supporting peripherals when using a computer. Peripherals are devices with uses that are not the most important for computer devices. Supporting peripherals are used only when needed. Examples of supporting peripherals such as printers, modems, speakers, and scanners.

  1. Main Peripherals

There are also main peripherals, peripherals that are the main support for the computer. The use of these peripherals is mandatory and can help the computer to work. Some of the main peripherals are the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


We better know also how these peripheral devices work. The external device must be connected to the computer. On an I/O module link in a computer, there is an exchange of control, data, and status with several external peripheral devices that are already connected to the computer. Then data in the form of bits is sent to the I/O module for processing.

The data is processed into a report to control the signal section to select the device’s functions. The control sends read or input data receives data from the write or output module and reports status. It is also possible to control signals to make other control functions. After all steps above, the peripheral device is ready for use.

Computer Peripherals by Type

Peripherals Logitech Driver Download can also be divided into 3 parts, output, input, and storage, the following is an explanation:

  1. Peripheral output

These peripherals are used as data output and perform functions that can be directly felt by PC users. Examples of peripheral outputs such as sound coming from speakers, monitor screens that display images, etc.

  1. Input peripherals

There are also peripheral devices that are used as data input. They are in charge of controlling the computer.

  1. Storage peripherals

The last is storage peripherals, these devices are used to store large amounts of data. So that every need for computer equipment at work can be met

How to Repair Peripherals?

Before you repair peripherals, some things must be considered, cause of damage. So, it must be checked first with software, either default software or software from a third party. By checking, it can ensure that repairs must be from outside or inside. If you find peripheral problems from outside, prepare tools such as screwdrivers, clean cloths, mini-sized vacuum cleaners, and brushes.

A screwdriver can be used to open parts of the device and check if there is any dust that has accumulated on the device. We have to do a full repair if the peripheral is seriously damaged such as a short circuit. If it is like that, then of course it must require extra handling. You can try to check with Logitech Driver Download or technician, if it’s damaged, we have to buy a new peripheral device.

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