The Best Sustainable Planting Design And The Cost

Recently, there are many options that we can use to decorate the house with the greenish thing. We can build an outdoor garden with various types of vegetables or flowers, or, we can make an aquascape with different plants from Bucephalandra plant store. Aquascape also will give a different perspective for your indoor garden.

For the outdoor garden, we have to consider the sustainable planting design and also the cost. Making an outdoor landscape garden needs more cost especially if you did not have any experience in making it. There are many things that we should buy and build. Moreover, the design must be sustainable so it can be used longer and did not cause any harm to our environment.

What Is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design is the term for making a design for our garden or planting area and it focuses on reducing the use of non-reusable materials and minimizing the waste that can harm the environment. Sustainable design can minimize the cost of making a new garden and also can create a healthier environment.

In choosing the sustainable planting design, there are some things that we must remember:

  1. Reduce the use of non-reusable materials
  2. Use environmentally friendly materials and products
  3. Optimize the plants, we can choose aquascape plants in Bucephalandra plant store.
  4. Minimize the use of chemical substances.
  5. Reuse the household waste in making the design.

The Best Sustainable Planting Design And The Cost

Once we decided to make a garden, the first thing we need to consider is all about the design and the cost. The term sustainable design means that the design will be a long-term design for planting so it will minimize the cost for maintenance and other services. However, plant type also determines how much the cost that we need to design the garden.

Here are some points for you to get the best sustainable design and the cost:

  • Choose adaptable plants in sustainable design

The adaptable plants can grow in any season and any soil condition. They can adapt themselves in any condition so it will help users to minimize the plant maintenance cost. They are also less treated since they can survive in any condition.

  • Grow Herbaceous plants

Herbaceous plants are the soft non-woody stems that are good enough to protect water quality in your garden. Several types of herbaceous plants that can be good for your sustainable garden are Lily of the Valley, Amaranthus Spinosus, Portulaca oleracea, and Canada wild Ginger.

  • Use recycled material

Rather than buying a new product for your flower pot, you can use recycled and reused material. It will minimize much cost for you. You can use the old tire, paint bucket, and big stereo foam as the pot. Moreover, you also can use the old honey jar to grow water plants from Bucephalandra plant store.

  • Install water irrigation

Water irrigation is good in the rainy season. It can collect rainwater that can be used later for your plants. It minimizes the water consumption in a month.

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