Let’s Know About Remarkable Modern House Designs

Home becoming the place where the people do daily activities, and also get together with the loved ones. Then it’s natural if everyone wants to have a comfortable residence to live. Besides that, the house is also becoming the thing to be proud of, especially if someone live an amazing house with the unique and luxurious design. That way, everyone has much various unique concept while building their amazing house. House with a unique design also has features that surely sophisticated and pleasing to the eyes.

So, to create the cool house, there are many design that available from contemporary until futuristic or rustic designs that can you try to applied to your house. For you that maybe still confused about the selection of the house design to apply, calm down and let’s knowing the information about the remarkable modern house design below. Let’s find out!

Remarkable Modern House Designs

  1. Cool cloud-shaped house

This impressive house is spesifically made its design to look like a cloud emoticon. It shows the creativity of how the owner come up with the idea. This house is made with three important elements, namely glass, concrete and wood. The house consist of two floors and the interior of the house is full by the color of nature wood, brown and its kinds. Other than that, the color of the kitchen room decorated with red color and it is placed right in the middle of the home. In order to give the feeling of fresh, and to give the sense of living, there is a swimming pool with the L-shaped style. Meanwhile, the garden area also give the fresh tones around it.

  1. Rustic themed house

One more design that timeless for now is a rustic design. This cool industrialist house that has modern, masculine and minimalist impression can also be your next choice for the remarkable modern house design now. By using wood accents that not finish yet and combined with neutral colored concrete walls, it can creates a minimalist, modern rustic impression to the people. For the interior itself, the contents of the house consist of steel or iron elements which is applied in the furniture with the choice of colors such as black, gray or other neutral colors. And also, there is smooth exposed cement layers without having to be given finishing layer. In addition, open space without boundaries can be important element of this cool house.

  1. Horizontal cool house

This is one of the dream home ever! The use of different types of materials combined in one building, namely concrete, glass and steel, will surely give this horizontal house the sense of a homey but modern impression. You also are able to see how amazing designers take advantage of the plant landscape so it can provide more value and good sense.

  1. Tropical impression of cool house

This impressive house has an accent in the form of tropical exterior. But it can be applied in an urban environment, that making the atmosphere of this modern tropical house as memorable as a beach side inn. This amazing house also provide two frames which uses bamboo that considered as the friendly material of the environment as well as raw concrete that has the accents of industry. Wood accents are  also provided with the appearance of the deck around the swimming pool and also palm trees planted to make the house shaded perfectly.

  1. Cool house with temporary theme

This modern living comes with the temporary theme that most loved today for home design. By using large windows with the large opening in various angles, it provides a strong impression of modern house. The designer also used the color combination in the form of gray, white and black that known well as a modern sense of style.

The Benefits From The Remarkable House Design

  1. Low-Cost Budget

Modern house mostly are minimalist and futuristic that not take up a lot of land. By using the remarkable house design, it can get the modern house with the low cost for the construction. The result also giving the comfortable and not feel cramped.

  1. Easy Maintenance

A new house design now provide the easy maintenance, especially for the minimalist home that doesn’t need a much time to build and also maintenance the building. The routine cleaning also easy to do because it’s kind of small activity that can be done every day.

Those are some information about the remarkable house design that maybe can inspired you to build the house with the remarkable house design above. Thank you.

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