Learning Ideas to Motivate You and Your Students on Learning Music

Learning music can be fun, but teaching music sometimes becomes very challenging. It will be even more challenging when your students are still young and struggling to understand the material you are trying to deliver.

Tubidy website provides you with a variety of music that might help you to get your student’s attention to get back their focus on the study. It is exciting yet challenging to get students’ attention because it is not easy to make the students interested in what you are going to say.

Teaching Music to Young Students

The goal of your teaching is to ensure that your students can appreciate and understand how music works. Furthermore, it is also your responsibility to lead them to be future musicians if they are interested, being critical, and love the music that comes from different periods and cultures.

Each level of learning has different materials and challenges so as a music teacher, you need to ensure that you apply the right teaching method. You may deal with students who are still new at school, the one that is hard to get into the music lesson or the one who has no music knowledge,

No matter how your students are, you must be ready for them.

Some Ways to Motivate You and Your Students on Learning Music

  1. Show your positiveness

The most important thing being a teacher is about spreading positiveness to the students. It is not easy to keep up your positiveness throughout the day to your students, but you must be able to do that.

The mood you bring into the class will affect the way your students react. Make sure that you have your positiveness before entering the class. Try to engage their attention and excitement to be connected with them.

  1. Practice it!

The best way to learn music is by doing it, not by writing and reading. You need to engage their energy and create an active learning session. It will be great if your school provides students with music instrumentals so that they can practice them right away.

But if the school has not had enough musical instruments for all of your students, you still have some ways to make the students practice the music. You can visit the Tubidy website and find some exciting songs and sing along together with them. Another way, you can apply physical movement while getting along with the song such as clapping, stamping the feet, moving the hips, and so on.

  1. Prepare some exciting activities

Doing one task throughout one lesson time will be very boring for students. As a music teacher, you need to prepare a variety of activities to keep engaging their excitement.

In one lesson time, you can prepare some activities that can be done in a few minutes. For instance, in the first 5 minutes, you allow the students to listen to the specific music you have prepared from Tubidy. The next activity can be reading, writing some lyrics, composing, or playing instruments, anything that is related to their goals.

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