A world-class track & field venue that owns and manages a 20+ acre multi-use park zoned as Rural Parks and Recreation for use by Oregon’s rural McKenzie River communities.

Our track is certified by Noel Gilstrap, Certified Track Builder to be in compliance set forth by the NCAA for a standard 400-meter track. All events surveyed and marked are within tolerances allowed by the NCAA and are true and correct. 


MCTF is a non-profit 501(c)(3). 

Track season facilitates meets for student athletes from the coast to central Oregon. Venue coordinates all-comers, two-person relay and cross country meets. Open 24-7 for residents use. 

Field house includes storage for track & field equipment, restrooms, concession, meeting room and two offices. Conference room holds meetings and wellness/fitness classes. 

Setting alongside the McKenzie River in the western slopes of the Cascades. On the west side there is a dog-walk trail loops around a mill pond wildlife sanctuary. 

A world-class venue for sports, wellness and community gathering


• Provide a track & field facility for residents and athletes 

• Training camp for athletes 

• Soccer field 

• Indoor meeting space for wellness, fitness, education and conferences 

• Outdoor space for community events and community garden 

• Enhance the McKenzie Schools athletic program 

• Contribute to the economic vitality of the McKenzie River communities 

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Mckenzie Community
Track & Field

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