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Wellness and Fitness

McKenzie River Residents and Visitors
If you are interested in participating, for more information, please email

Openings for Instructors
If you are interested, please contact us.

2017 Schedule

Dance Workout Class
Instructor: Micki Voorhies, 541-912-5880
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday   8:30 AM
$3 per class or $30 per month unlimited
drop-ins welcome

Instructor: Hayley Crosby
Evening and Morning Classes Offered
Please RSVP: 541-359-7156

This is a gentle beginner level yoga that focuses on mindfulness, breathing techniques and a short meditation

Times for classes will change seasonally and Hayley would like to get to know what students are looking for before they arrive in class.

Drop-in and Monthly Rates
First Class Free
$8 drop-in
8 punch pass, no expiration: $50
Unlimited month: $88
Cash and checks only at this time please
Please contact Hayley for more information    (541) 359-7156

Wellness Classes coming soon...

Program Ideas
(development phase)

These ideas are listed to spark interest. If you are qualified to teach any of these classes, please contact us.

Beginner, Moderate & Experienced Track Workout
Men, Women, Children
Aerobics: Easy, Moderate & High Energy
Personal Training
Sport Massage
Nutrition and Wellness Counseling

Yoga Class Description

All of these classes incorporate three out of eight limbs of yoga. Physical postures (Asana), Breath work (Pranayama) and Meditation. They blend anatomy, scientific research and traditional wisdom to foster an understanding of all three practices.  Hayley offers gentle adjustments and observes and guides each student through a safe and gently challenging class. Each class also includes a Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) an amazing practice that promotes balance and restores the physical body.

Hatha Level 1

Designed with the beginner in mind this is a well-rounded hour and a half class attends to all of the families of postures. Warm-ups, standing, balancing, backbends, forward bends, inversions, twists and relaxation followed by introduction to breath work and a short meditation. Even the experienced yogi will find great benefit in this simple, foundational class.

Hatha Mixed Level

This energizing hour and fifteen minute class flows more quickly than the Level 1 but follows the same format. Students are encouraged to practice more repetitions or hold postures for a bit longer than in Level 1.  Intermediate variations and a variety options will be demonstrated for students to try as their personal practice changes. Open to all abilities this class offers many options for students to challenge themselves and deepen their practice.

Hatha Calm and Restore

This hour and a half evening class is designed for those of us who have worked hard during the day and feel exhausted.  All of the families of postures are still present in this class but there is a focus on stretching, and restorative postures sprinkled throughout the class. Emphasis on breathing is directed toward reducing stress, and preparing the body for a peaceful sleep. Experience how rejuvenating this practice can be for the tired body.

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