The Best Ways to Cook Chicken

If you want to taste a good and delicious food, you might want to come to a fancy restaurant, or your favorite food court. But, do you know that you can actually made your own food, with no much different in taste compared to a fancy restaurant? Yes, you can cook your own food, in your own home. The question is, can you do the cooking by yourself without any knowledge on how to do it? Well, say no more, here you will be taught a lesson on how to cook your own food.

What Kind of Food Do You Like?

Before stepping deeper into the cooking, you might want to ask yourself, what kind of food do you like? Are u a vegetarian? Are u a meat lovers? Are u a junk food lover? Yup, if you are a meat lover then you come into the right place. If you like meat such as beef, chicken, or even duck meat, you will have to read this till the end because by the time you reach the end of the article, you can finally cook your own dish and food at home. With its good taste for sure!

The Best Way to Cook Chicken

Compared with beef, tuna, or even duck meat, of course, the chicken is more popular. It’s cheap, it taste good, it has enough protein, and it can be cooked in a various way. In Asia, most of the food sold at the restaurant is the chicken. Although it may sound boring, but don’t judge! The way the chicken cooked made it fun and not boring. It even have different taste, and this is what makes chicken so popular as the main raw material to cook food.

There are so many question in your head right now, so what kind of style to cook the chicken that is the best? Well, it may be different based on what kind of taste do you like. You like your chicken dry then go for the fried chicken. If you like your chicken wet? You might want to try the kind of cooking that Indonesian have, and it is called the “Opor Ayam”. “Opor Ayam” is the chicken which processed with coconut milk with the opor recipe. This kind of processed chicken is tender, tasty and the taste of broth will add the enjoyment while eating it.

Well, if you want your chicken to be wet enough, but not too wet, you might want to try making grilled chicken. You can easily find the recipe on the internet how to make grilled chicken. This chicken will be so tender and so tasty, especially if you serve it with chili sauce.

Yup, those are several ways to cook chicken that might be the best. You can choose them based on how you like the chicken served. Remember to learn the recipe first and practice to make the best meal you’ve ever had! If you want to know more about its secret recipe, you can visit Well, happy cooking and enjoy your chicken!

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