Guide on Selecting Computer Components

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Do you plan on building a computer? Want to create your gaming rig, or create an office working computer, but don’t know how to make it? Then you have come to the right place. Building a computer might seem a daunting task; however, it is easy, as easy as building a piece of Lego. You just need to know which components to buy, which components you need, and then build them up.

Building a computer is as simple as creating your Lego building. It is all just buying the right components, clicking, and connecting the wires, and components. However, you would need to know which components go where, and what are the functions for each component. So, first of all, we need to know about computer components, what they are used for, and how you install them when building a pc.

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Computer Components and Their Functions

To build a PC, there are many components you would need, the Computer itself contains a lot of components such as RAM, CPU, GPU, Power supply, Hard disk, fans, and casing. Then the display itself, the monitor, and devices such as speakers, headset, mouse, and keyboard, in building a PC, we would talk about the computer components inside first.

  • Motherboard

Motherboard is essentially one of the main components of a computer. The motherboard is the main circuit board used to attach several other components to the computer. Just like its name, the motherboard is the first component you should attach to the casing. Many good-quality motherboard brands such as Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, and Biostar, with their specifications.

To put it simply, the motherboard itself is the main body of computer circuits, encased inside the casing.

  • CPU

If the motherboard is the main circuit, the CPU is the core of computers, the core of the computing process all of it happened on the CPU. CPU also greatly affects the computer performance, the better the CPU quality you brought, the faster the computing process of your computer.

One thing you should note about CPUs is, that there are CPU speed and CPU cores. CPU speed is what determines how fast the CPU could work, (for modern gaming rigs, it is recommended to have a CPU that at least has more than 3.0 Ghz). While the CPU cores are the number of cores inside the CPU, the more cores it has, the better your CPU at multitasking.

  • GPU

GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) is a component that is used mainly for graphic purposes, such as video rendering, and gaming. It is used mainly for gaming, and video editing purposes, however, it is also used to do complex computing and mathematic calculations.

It is recommended to choose a good GPU if you want to build a gaming pc, but if it is just a standard office working pc, it is recommended to just leave it for the CPU, or buy a motherboard that has an integrated GPU.

  • RAM

RAM is virtual memory; it is used mainly for multitasking. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer is at multitasking, reducing FPS on gaming, and speeding up your computing process.

  • Hard-disk

Hard disk is the memory of your computer, as the more, it has the more file, programs, and software it can have, and installed into your computer.

  • Power Supply

The power supply is the heart of your computer, as it is the power up your computer. It is important to have a proper power supply, as it is dangerous to have a bad quality power supply connected to high working PC.

  • Computer Casing

Computer casing is well, the case of the computer, where you would build your PC, and attach your motherboard. Sometimes, the computer casing also provides a cooling fan to reduce the heat of your computer.

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